Wednesday, 11 January 2017


"I want to fly!"
The little one exclaimed, looking at the aeroplane soaring high...
Her crutches frowned;
The destiny that paralysed her limbs couldn't buckle her wings...


"I envy her luck..."
She eavesdropped her own testimonial.
Meanwhile, she recalled a different story.
A story of wet pillows, smudged mascaras and crushed papers beneath her study.

At the signal#3

"Madam, flowers?"
A thin hand extended a jasmine string through the car window at the traffic signal.
"Roll the glass down".
Two pairs of eyes battled the saline fluid.

The Resolution#2

Second day of the year;
As she snoozed the alarm again;
The sticky on the wall winked
At the pendulum that swung sheepishly.

A Simple Message...

A Simple Message...