Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Octopus Diaries

From the page that accidentally fell off from the golden book...

Dear Coward,

I'm sorry you fail...
You miserably fail to realise
That you actually lost...
And that ugly scorn on your face
That emits dominance
Is but futile...
I pity the instinct in you that preaches cruelty...
Dear inhabitant,
Do you realize that the fear in you is breeding your cruelty?
Ah! Now that wry smirk on the mention of fear!!
Pathetic that you fail to realise that you killed because you feared...
You feared the voice-
And the dormant surge within.
The wave that you thought would drown you.
But do you hear the sirens of silence?
The silence that you seek to create
The silence that your comrades say, is your mission...
The mighty silence that's  prepared to echo louder!
And I doubt your preparedness for its intensity.
Fellow dweller,
Be prepared
The trumpets of tomorrow blow high-
You may remain and all of us may have left,
But the silence that you run for
Will haunt you...
And I'm sorry
Will kill you.

From the Octopus that has outlived the earth.

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