Thursday, 25 June 2015

Break of dawn...

As the day dawns,
Streets bustle
Horns honk;
And folks rush
At a frenetic pace
Climbing the slippery ladder
Of livelihood
On the overcrowded escalator
Hanging identities on the necks
Each pressing different numbers on the wall;
Pampering the apple on their palms
And as the lady voice announces their number
They give a thud
And move ahead.

Lost Swing

The true authentic swing that Bagger Vance talked about…  
I do not know where I lost and when
The swing that once took me on strides of awe
Filled my innocent eyes with glee
And took me to a high of my own enchanted world
Heedless of the worldly world around…  

Know not I, the moment I missed it 
  And started missing all of those beautiful moments
Neither do I know;
Why I broke open that transparent shield around me
To come out to the reality outside;   
  Where I do not find a place to fit in And face raised eyebrows all the time…  

All my ‘why’s stand hushed and unanswered
And doubts get branded a nuisance
I fail to understand why I stand out awfully strange
As I brush my way through the flock of the smarter lot…  

Each time I feel that inexplicable spasm of fear inside
And slip into a dreadful moment of self denial...
Remorse, guilt and regret
Tempt me to disown myself
And go back to that big glass globe of oblivion once again…

A Simple Message...

A Simple Message...