Monday, 2 March 2015


‘I have finished all the work ahead of the deadline...But what if my system unexpectedly crashes? Or I inadvertently press the delete button? No… Recycle Bin won’t restore. What if I had pressed Shift+Delete???’    

‘Yeah. The climate is good for a long walk…But what if it rains suddenly?’

‘Yes. I am perfectly happy now. But what if all this ends abruptly?’

There can be no possible explanation or humanly comprehendible reason as to from where and when all these impulses of doubtfulness started ruling our lives.  And why these ‘what if’s eat up a major chunk of reality in our everyday lives…

Being a poor victim of this inexplicable syndrome of embracing the highest probability of seemingly impossible combinations of future occurrences, I myself have tried to figure out why  I think so much about troubles that I know would never happen. People have helped me with various analytical reasons.

‘It’s because you are not ready to take risks!’

‘You are too conservative. For God’s sake, Change yourself!’

‘I’ve never seen a person with such a negative attitude in my life…”

But personally I have derived my own conclusions about why I (not only me..I like to believe that at least there are a handful of people like me..) do this…Like one of my friends who used to tell everyone that she is going to fail in the term end exams when she herself knows that there is not even one in a millionth chance of her not passing! This goes to such an extent that she even starts faintly believing that. One day I asked her why she did this…She told me an answer which I felt was very logical. She told me “If I start believing that I’ll fail and suddenly the result comes and I pass, do you know how happy I’ll be?”

At first I didn’t understand what she meant. I thought what the hell of a difference does it make, anyway??? But later on, I understood. Perhaps she wouldn’t have been this happy if she had expected herself to pass. Yes. She wanted the paradoxical gains of a positive shock! May be for the sheer purpose of enjoying the ray of light, we switch all the lights off.

I think that we do this because we are facing an extreme dearth of happiness in our lives today, But our mind, being a cunning master of designing anything that helps it get what it wants, even goes to the extent of painting everything around black ( still knowing that it is white) just to enjoy the false happiness when all the paint fades away and white shows again.

It is very similar to the idea of a man who went  to a footwear shop hunting for a shoe of size ‘7’ even though his size was ‘9’. When the shopkeeper got amused and asked as to why he is intentionally struggling with pain to walk with these awfully tightfitting shoes, the man retorted angrily, “What’s your problem? Will you not let me at least experience the happiness and relief when I remove these shoes every day?”

Here comes a man who intentionally chose to suffer just because he was so desperate to get the sense of happiness, even while knowingly fully, that it is just fake.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I even say that the virtual world, in which we are hovering on every day, yes the beautiful cyber domain where we race amongst ourselves to establish our presence, is simply a deceitful replica of the real life. Still we resort to it, because we try to escape from the reality of life where there is rarely any true happiness.

Now, isn’t this enough explanation as to why we turn doubtful most of the time?

Absurd it may seem, but it is to be noted that we are rushing towards a tomorrow of pseudo-happiness…

That day is not too far when  your friend calls you up to tell you that he’s had a major accident; just to see you jump with joy when you run to see him perfectly fine; as healthy as a horse.
That’s when we advance to the level of spreading this pseudo joy  to our dear ones around…

Ya it really feels good if my work file doesn't get deleted; rain doesn't disturb the long walk or if my perfect happiness gets here to stay...

Now, what if these doubts turn out to be really true?

A Simple Message...

A Simple Message...