Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Dear Mind

Dear Mind,

Why do you clog within
And not spur out
The way you do;
And spill all over;
Half comprehended.

Why do you freeze
As if to immerse yourself;
Within the innermost confines of my
Inaccessible self?

Why do you hurt
And why do you prick
Each time I try to move on.

Why do you bathe yourself in sarcasm
When I laugh
And play
And try to be my customised self...

Why do you refuse
To get along with me
And choose to remain the way you do.

Why do you contradict?
And why are you so adamant to be your true self?

Monday, 16 April 2018


Chains broke
Pangs withered
And perception sprouted;
As self took a backseat.
Ego went waterless;
And the garden, weedless.

Friday, 13 April 2018


Let's hang our head in shame
And not hang the heads that wronged
And light a million candles again
Not burn the claws alive;
Let's sympathise
And mourn
And discuss unfairness with drooping faces;
And have a disturbed sleep tonight.
And let's move on tomorrow
And dampen the heat with tears;
And let the disturbing noises fade;
Till the next one with a different name is down;
And let's repeat this cycle-
Without a tinge of embarrassment;
Until the day
Throats parch
And tears go dry
And mishaps stop being news.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


Is it the aversion to negate or the complacence with vulnerability that makes you fragile?

Saturday, 17 March 2018

A whiff of the past

Some aromas give you
A whiff of the past;
And you breathe in,
A part of your own yesterdays,
Like forgotten melodies rippling away
To faded pages
Of a yellowed diary.

Last day, the scent of turmeric
Took me with absolute ease-
To a pampered childhood-
Of healed bruises-
It showed me a serene face
With a sparkling nosepin
And a purple kumkum-
And wrinkled palms with rough fingers-
Adept at hardwork-
Tending to my wounds.

I reminded myself that the earth, in fact, had gulped down her soul-
And I wondered if she had left parts of herself here with me-
Probably her best ones.

A Simple Message...

A Simple Message...